This project has developed a cooperation to exchange the good practices in terms of evaluation and development of the 8 key competences. The partnership is constituted from 6 organizations of 6 countries: France, Austria, Greece, Italy, Poland and Spain.

The targets in each of the regions have been 2 groups:

  • G1/the actors in the employment and training sectors (trainers, social workers, teachers, entrepreneurs, HR managers ...etc) and
  • G2/the vulnerable populations that are excluded from the employment and training markets (isolated women and single mothers, migrants, adults living in rural areas and/or territories in economic decline, disabled people, as well as people close to illiteracy).

After proceeding with a comparative diagnosis of the modes and practices that are used to evaluate the basic competences, with the actors of the employment and training sectors in every country, the partnership experimented and produce tools and methods for an initial evaluation of the basic competences, related to the 8 key competences defined in the European reference framework. These experiments have allowed the partners to produce together individualised plans for the development of competences, in favour of the final beneficiaries (G2) and the implementation of training modules to evaluate the key competences in direction of the professionals (G1)who can adapt them in their practices to the diversity of problems faced by the vulnerable groups.

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