PRESOUT - Preventing of School Dropout

A common challenge for European school systems is the prevention of early school leaving, which according to the most recent research sees almost one student out of five not completing obligatory schooling according to national legislation. Many studies and initiatives have been and are currently being carried out in the different countries in order to tackle the problem. However these initiatives are not integrated one with other both at national and European level causing a dispersion of information and inefficient allocation of resources. Moreover teachers are suffering from a lack of skills and competence, and consequently of motivation, in understanding and dealing with pupils at risk of school abandoning. Teachers often are not able to identify with the necessary anticipation the manifesting of the risk factors leading to drop out and to the appropriate initiatives to give effective answers.

The overall aim of the project is to support young people at vocational training system in carrying out their educational and vocational plans. The main target groups for the project are teachers, trainers, mentors and guidance counselors working with young students in vocational secondary schools. The beneficiaries will be the students at risk of dropping out from the education and training system. The envisaged impact of the project will be an increased number of young people carrying out their education and training plans and a decreased number of drop-outs from vocational training institutions.

The main outcomes of the project will be a manual/hand-book for teachers, trainers, mentors and guidance counselors on the topic of drop-out prevention and training sessions built on the manual/hand-book.

The Project Handbook / Manual contains tools and methods that could be applied by teachers, trainers, mentors, guidance counselors and educators to prevent school dropouts in all three phases: prevention, students at risk and on the way to dropout.

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