Nowadays, cross border economic relations as well as migration demand a widened perspective of communication, cultural understanding and awareness. Intercultural trainings can assist people in cultural/intercultural understanding as well as support overcoming cultural gaps and misunderstandings.

Within the European dimension intercultural trainings as a part of adult education and lifelong learning should encourage all people to start intercultural relations - home and abroad. The intercultural exchange based on culture specifics is an important factor to discover national, culture-specific elements in behaviour and communication as well as ways of culture-specific interactivity with others.

During this course the topics

  • culture – interculture –mulitculture
  • cultural understanding, culture scan – personal cultural background
  • intercultural communication
  • working in multicultural team
  • working in European projects

will be covered in theory and praxis.

Intercultural trainings will be designed tailor-made according to your needs. For further information do not hesitate to contact us.