TRAIN-THE-TRAINER with an Emphasis on Career Counselling

Within this program the participants will gain knowledge and skills as trainers with the focus of career councelling as training subject. 8 Modules are part of this Train-the-Trainer program:

Module 1:
  • Welcome
  • Career counselling & employment market
    • Jobs
    • Start ups
  • Gender mainstreaming applied
Module 2:
  • Phases in career councelling
    • 3 Phases
      • Status quo evaluation
      • Where to go to - orientation
      • Activities to find a job / start a business
  • European CV
  • Practical application in group sessions and personal career coaching
Module 3:
  • Finding the mission in life as a gate opener to career opportunity
Module 4:
  • Didactics applied in training
    • Target orientation (SMAR Goals, etc)
    • Learning to learn
    • Involvemt of participants
    • Exercices applied in the different phases
  • Methods used in training
    • different typs of presenting the training content
    • Media used in training
    • Facilitating
    • Guidance
Module 5:
  • Working with groups:
    • Communication and intercultural communication
    • Group dynamics & Conflict Resolution
    • Managing Diversity
Module 6:
  • Coaching Elements as tool for career Counselling
Module 7:
  • How to plan a training - necesarry tools used target oriented
  • Practical planning sessions (Group works)
Module 8:
  • Practical presentation of planned training session
  • Application of Modules in particpant's organizational context

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