Seniors involvement in education and cultural life - a great challenge and a widened perspective for organizations, insitutions, companies and NGO's.

With this training course we suppurt you and your organization/insitution/ company/NGO to involve seniors in your activities, projects and programs. The double approach

  • seniors as beneficiaries of learning during your activities/projects/programs
  • seniors as learning resource for developing your activities/projects/programs

does not only widen their perspective by integration it also widens the perpective of your organization/insitution/company/NGO as they share their knowledge, experiences, perspectives and wisdom with you, your staff and your customers.

Your challenge of promoting their integration and working with them we will support by this training course. Within this 7 days training course we will share knowledge, experience, tools and best practice samples with you to

  • design training programs, activites and projects for seniors
  • develop with seniors together programs, activites and projects for your organization/insitution/company/NGO to share the knowledge, experiences, perspectives and wisdom of seniors with you, your staff and your customers

According to your needs and visions we will work out  together a tailor-made concept  to involve seniors in your organization/insitution/company/NGO. Your concept will build the baseline for implementing such  activities/projectsprograms in your organization/ insitution/company/NGO after this training course.

Ask for our course leaflet for further information: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it